Talking about the process of injection mold in injection molding


Injection molds are almost always formed in batches during the injection molding process. At this time, the processing methods and processes of injection molds are particularly important. Not processing according to the rules is likely to damage the injection mold.

To this end, WJM phone case manufacturer provides a process analysis of the injection mold processing method: In general, drying materials are not required. In some cases, they are baked at 80°C for 2 hours; the molding temperature is high, the heating, melting and solidification speed is fast, and the molding cycle is generally short; temperature parameters: the barrel temperature is about 200°C, and the material temperature is too high , prone to silver wire, material temperature is too low, resulting in poor transparency. Plastic mold production

Injection mold temperature control: The mold temperature is generally 50-80 ℃; GPPS has good fluidity, and it is not necessary to apply high pressure in beer plastics (generally, the injection pressure is about 10Mpa), to avoid excessive and increase the internal stress of rubber parts - possible Cause cracking (especially after paint decoration); Properly increasing the injection speed can weaken the watermark, but because the injection pressure has a great influence on the injection speed, too high may lead to sticking such as demoulding and demoulding.

Injection plastic mold

Appropriate back pressure: If the back pressure is too low, the screw is easy to overflow into the air, the particle density in the barrel is very small, and the plasticization of the rubber particles is not good, which affects the apparent quality. Rubber parts (back pressure is generally 10-20kg/cm2); g) The mold is generally designed with a fine nozzle of 0.8-1.0mm. h) Glass fiber reinforced PS-GF30, the barrel temperature is 180~275, the mold temperature is 20~80, the shortening rate is 0.1~0.2, and the density is 1.29/cm3.


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