Learn more about the source of the drying process of silicone mobile phone case molds


With the development of the Internet, the grade and appearance design of mobile phone protective cases are getting higher and higher, and the way of making mobile phone cases with textured surface patterns is the current trend, which not only attracts the attention of consumers but also increases the appearance of mobile phone equipment. Spirit, silicone mobile phone case is one of the types. Many friends may be interested in the appearance and color when buying a silicone mobile phone case, but have you noticed the appearance pattern process?

In fact, this kind of production process is called sun-pattern processing. Now this process is used to improve the appearance of Changlai products. It has already been developed in various industries and different materials. From history, the sun-pattern process was spread abroad and then spread in Hong Kong. , Taiwan, "sun pattern" is a written language, and its English name is texture or texturing. When more and more plastic products are filling our lives, people begin to realize that they don't want to see them look like "plastic" products, so the etching process decoration mold is more catering to people's appetite.

Primary stage: to cover up the lack of mold molding of the silicone protective case, mainly for some rough textures

Mid-term stage: diversified textures, single-layer skin textures, and wood grain textures are widely used

What is the purpose of getting tattoos:

Increase the appearance texture of the mobile phone case, make the product present a variety of changes or a new design, and improve the appearance of the product.

Through the drying pattern, some bad marks such as shrinkage and joint lines can be blocked. After the drying pattern and sandblasting process, the surface hardness of the parts is increased to prevent scratches, anti-slip, anti-rotation, and good hand feeling. Glossy surface, prevent light reflection, eliminate eye fatigue, etc.

Times have changed. Silicone products are an important part of the appearance of mobile phone cases. They have entered an era of higher quality. Ordinary embossing techniques cannot reach a higher level. The accuracy of laser technology is 0.01mm, which is fully applied in the field of texture. Make the pattern of silicone products more precise, meticulous and realistic, and make the product more perfect.

Common problems and solutions after tanning:

After the mold has been scratched, the surface of the cavity becomes rough, and the most likely problems are drawing and sticking to the front mold.

In some places, due to the original small draft angle, the draft angle will become smaller after biting, and even a negative draft angle will cause the mold to be drawn. When ejecting, due to poor demoulding Shun, the top white phenomenon often occurs, which has a great impact on the appearance of the parts.


To solve the problem of mold drawing, you can grind the texture surface to reduce the depth of texture and eliminate the sharp angle caused by texture to make demoulding smooth. In actual production, since it is difficult to solve the demoulding problem by adjusting the machine, it is usually produced by applying a mold release agent on the textured surface.

In terms of mold, it can be improved by increasing the draft angle at the die surface and increasing the thimble.

What are the requirements for product design for sunscreen?

1. The greater the depth or height of the pattern, the greater the draft angle of the product. The design of conventional etched products requires a draft between 5-8 degrees.

2. If the product is distinguished by bright objects, it is necessary to design an art line or a concave-convex step to distinguish it, so as to prevent the jagged joints of the etched lines from affecting the appearance.

3. The depth of the shallowest textured texture is 2umm, and the deepest textured texture is 3mm, which can be determined according to the visual effect and touch.

4. The effect of drying pattern is closely related to the material of the mold, which can be used as a design reference according to the fourth point of mold material selection.

5. The drying pattern processing cycle, the ordinary fire pattern, generally takes 1.5-2 days.

Horizontal grain, vertical grain, circular grain, the time is generally 3-4 days. Prismatic lines, diamond lines, skin lines, deeper depth, at least 5 days.


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