Talking about the structural parts of injection mold


Talking about the structural parts of injection molds. It refers to various parts that make up the mold structure, including various parts for guiding, demoulding, core pulling and parting. Such as front and rear splints, front and rear buckle templates, load-bearing plates, load-bearing columns, guide columns, demoulding templates, demoulding rods, return rods, etc.

In order to ensure that the movable mold and the fixed mold can be accurately aligned when the mold is closed, a guide should be provided in the mold. In injection molds, four sets of guide posts and guide bushes are typically used to form guides. Sometimes, it is necessary to set an inner cone and an outer cone on the movable mold and the fixed mold respectively to assist the positioning.

Injection molding processing

During the mold opening process, a push-out mechanism is required to push or pull out the plastic products and aggregates in the runner. Push out the fixing plate and the push plate, and clamp the push rod. A reset rod is generally fixed in the push rod, and the reset rod resets the push plate when the movable and fixed molds are closed.

For some plastic products with inverted buttons or side holes, horizontal parting is required before being pushed out. After the side core is pulled out, it can be demolded smoothly. At this time, it is necessary to set a side core pulling structure in the mold.

Plastic mold design

For example, an injection mold requires equipment used on an injection molding machine. The standards and functions of an injection molding machine are not exactly the same for every mold user. Therefore, it is necessary to master the following aspects: standard standards related to mold equipment, including table size of mold equipment, arrangement and standard of screw holes of equipment, minimum closed height of mold, mold opening interval, etc.

, and the spacing between the tie rods. , The form of the imported equipment, the clamping method of the mold and the nozzle standard, etc.; the standards related to the molding ability, including the clamping force, injection pressure, injection ability, plasticizing ability and injection rate, etc.; subordinate equipment, including pick-up equipment, Temperature adjustment equipment, hydraulic or pneumatic, etc., it is also necessary to start estimating the size of the mold to determine whether the mold can be equipped and used on the selected injection molding machine.


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