How to choose injection mold molding parts material


Material selection requirements for injection mold parts: the selection of mold materials is an important issue in mold planning and production, which directly affects the production process of the mold, the service life of the mold, and the molding quality of the mold. A series of aspects such as the processing cost of plastic parts and molds. Talking about how to let injection mold manufacturers reduce mold repairs: production control.

In the same table, try to prevent the hot runner block iron and PIN pin from being stuck on the mold. Plastic mold making

Mold maintenance. The primary and secondary maintenance in normal production and the tertiary maintenance of the mold maintenance department should be thick and in place to prevent drawing dust, spring breakage, thimble stuck, chicken shovel stabbing, etc. Standardization of operating procedures, personnel training and performance appraisal .

Strengthen scientific injection molding knowledge training, try not to damage the mold during production. Incorrect parameters such as low pressure protection settings, clamping speed, clamping force, injection speed, holding pressure, and mold temperature will cause great damage to the mold and must be paid attention to. Plastic mold processing

Disadvantages of tires should be prevented.

The mold planning and production process is "pregnant". At this time, there must be no defects, otherwise maintenance cannot be avoided. For example, the planning and materials of the seven major systems of the mold.

Standardization and inventory of wearing parts. Thimbles/springs/tubes/posts/sleeves should be of the same size as possible and kept in stock.


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