The real cost and price of the iPhone 13 silicone mobile phone case!


With the release of iphone13, the popularity of mobile phone protective cases has once again gained the upper hand. In the mobile phone industry, Apple is a high-end well-known brand. There is no need to argue that it belongs to the top well-known high-end brands, so the official mobile phone protective cases are naturally priced. , what is the difference between Apple's official price of silicone mobile phone protective case as high as 329 yuan, and why the price is so high, let's find out together.

Apple's silicone protective case naturally does not have an advantage in terms of the price of third-party silicone case manufacturers. Many consumers know which category the price and positioning of silicone mobile phone cases on the market belong to, so many people buy other products in the market. The silicone mobile phone case of the dealer or store, so is there any difference between it and the mobile phone case officially sold by Apple?

First of all, in terms of brand effect, whether it is silicone, leather, or other plastic materials, as long as it belongs to the brand direct sale, the price will have a brand effect. The official authentic product publication makes consumers feel at ease in consumption and reduces a lot of concerns. Therefore, silicone phone cases Under the influence of the Apple brand, the directional price is definitely such a high unit price.

From the perspective of silicone products, the mobile phone cases sold by official genuine products are basically similar to the mobile phone cases sold by dealers and offline stores. Solid state compression molding, but the official products may have higher requirements on the raw materials of silicone and the mold technology of the silicone protective cover. The products produced will be more refined in appearance and workmanship, so that the products can achieve better quality.

When it comes to cost and price, whether it is official authentic or imitation production, all costs are basically the same, but each silicone mobile phone case manufacturer has different quality requirements. If you think the price of official authentic is relatively high, you can buy it in Huaqiang There is basically not much difference between the purchased mobile phone case and the official genuine product. The production cost of the product is ex-factory price.

At present, the raw materials of the protective cover similar to Apple's silicone shell are mainly divided into silicone raw materials, glass fiber nylon cloth, hard PC shell, surface printing and oil injection congratulations. The total cost of all materials does not exceed 10 yuan, plus silicone products. The production cost of the manufacturer is only a little over ten yuan, so the ex-factory price is very low in the case of mass production.


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