Reveal the production process of different mobile phone protective cases


Mobile phone case is an indispensable decorative item in the current electronics industry. It can not only protect our mobile phone from being broken, but also achieve a certain aesthetic effect. With the improvement of consumer user experience, mobile phone protective cases of different styles and materials There are all kinds of them, and some even use gold to make phone cases! It shows that the mobile phone protective case is still worthy of our careful consideration. Speaking of which, we have to talk about the production process of the mobile phone case, so for the current common types of materials, do you know how they are produced?

In the current mobile phone accessories industry, mobile phone cases are divided into several categories, gelatinous mobile phone cases, leather mobile phone cases, and metal mobile phone cases. How are they produced and processed among these categories?

PVC mobile phone case:

This type of protective cover has been popular in this industry for a long time. It is mainly used as one of the necessary choices for three-dimensional effects. PVC products and silicone products have the same thing in that their materials can be used for the same glue. Process, processing is to maximize the multi-color of the product. The process method is to take the material into the mold, use the glue head of the glue gun to distribute the color, and cooperate with the program debugging of the equipment to take different colors into the fixed position of the product. , highlighting the three-dimensional effect.

Leather phone case:

The leather phone case mainly focuses on the details of the craftsmanship. If your leather product meets a good seamstress, then this product must have no major problems in quality except for the material, but there are many types of leather materials. , there are different leathers and prices. It is the same as making leather bags for making mobile phone protective cases. It mainly depends on your cost. Nowadays, leather mobile phone cases are still sold in the market. Same.

Its main production process comes from the twists and turns of the product and sewing technology. Different sizes are cut by the processing manufacturer to match the arc bending effect. After sewing, if you need to add patterns or accessories on the surface, you can use sewing to add Go up, so generally those who know a little about sewing can make homemade fabrics and leathers. As long as the skills pass the test, the mobile phone case produced will naturally be no problem.

Silicone mobile phone case:

Silicone protective cover is currently a relatively popular protective cover. It mainly shows consumers that it is anti-fall and scratch-resistant, green and environmentally friendly, soft and comfortable. The material of silicone products is widely used in various positions and industries. It can be used to make sealing products. It can also be used to make life care products and daily decorative products, which are made by the same process as the silicone protective case.

In the process of making mobile phone protective cases, silicone case manufacturers mainly use mold compression molding and low-temperature injection molding processes to make them, but mold compression curing takes the majority. It mainly puts raw materials into the mold core and passes through a high temperature of about 180 degrees. The mold is pressed and solidified. Different color glues can be added to the silicone material to adjust different colors. After the production is completed, the post-process oil injection printing can change the appearance of the aesthetic effect.

Of course, it can also be laminated with plastic shells and leather cloth. At present, many brand mobile phone cases are made of silicone and hard plastic mobile phone cases. After the post-process, the inner layer of leather is bonded to achieve a beautiful effect, such as the current iPhone. And many brands are made using this process.

TPU phone case:

Silicone protective cases and TPU mobile phone cases are currently the most widely sold mobile phone cases, and TPU seems to sell more than silica gel. Because of its material selection and production convenience, it is used by most mobile phones. People in the shell industry choose it. Although it is a plastic material, it does not pose a great threat to the human body in essence, so it can replace a variety of mobile phone shell materials. Because it is a soft rubber material, it can be printed. and spraying.

The main production process is produced and processed by the injection molding process. After the plastic rice is heated and melted in the plastic machine, it is injected into the plastic mold with a barrel to form a solid line. It has a similar processing method to liquid silicone molding. It is popular to inlay the TPU mobile phone case with hard plastic PC or tempered glass, etc. This kind of technology is to make the TPU mobile phone case after the production and molding, and design a suitable groove on the back to make the PC piece or tempered glass by bonding process. .

Hardware phone case:

Hardware mobile phone case is also one of the choices of many users, but compared with the previous two, it is far from hot enough. The hardware material has always been too heavy and the aesthetics are not so prominent, so most of the current aluminum mobile phone cases are framed. The frame type mainly plays a protective role, and the fixed contact surface of the mobile phone needs to be cushioned with a silica gel particle. Although it is troublesome, many consumers are still willing to use it.


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