How to clean dirty silicone phone case? (2)


How to clean dirty silicone phone case? (2)

Method Two

1. You can use washing powder, detergent, soaking, and brush back and forth with a soft brush after half an hour. Finally, rinse off the foam with clean water and let it air dry in a cool place. This action targets visible stains such as dirt, ink, etc.

2. The silicone shell is difficult to clean, try the wind oil. Use a cotton swab dipped in balm on the stained area. Gently apply sassafras and wipe clean.

Finally, rinse with water and dry in the shade. For some hard-to-clean crevices on the silicone case, you can use a toothpick to find the stain (solid), or you can soak it in clean water and wash with soap. Transparent black edge mobile phone case

3. The white silicone case is really difficult to clean, so try 84 disinfectant.

4. In addition, you can also use the mask paper that is usually attached to the mask to test the phone case. The worse it gets, the brighter it gets. In the process of cleaning sassafras, do not use too much force, just the right amount.

Some shapes are so thin that they will break if you pull too hard.


I still can't clean it with various methods, so I have to buy a new one and throw away the old one. Beer-coated phone case

Factory processing plants often use white electric oil to test for faulty paper and oil stains.

Every phone is a product of their era. Every phone is a product of their era. It is also a symbol of technology.

While mobile phones bring convenience to our lives, they also bring convenience to our work and all walks of life. At the same time, there are certain problems. At the same time, as an accessory for mobile phones, silicone phone cases often make our mobile phones look more beautiful and full of artistic sense, and mastering the cleaning method can help our mobile phones be more beautiful.


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