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Things You Should Know About AirTag Protective Case

It is almost impossible to find someone who has never lost something before. Yet, losing one's belongings is something no one wants. So we can both agree that Apple did a  great job by inventing AirTag.

With AirTags, you can easily keep track of things that you frequently lose. While AirTags are helpful in finding your lost items, they still need special cases that protects them from damage and fasten them to your belongings.

So whenever you decide to get an AirTag, do remember to also purchase an AirTag protective case.


Things you should know about AirTags

An AirTag is a small and smart tracking device that enables you to easily locate or find lost or stolen items that it is attached to.  Such items include keys, remote control, purse, bag, bicycle, bike, car etc.

Although not considered as items, you can also keep track of your kids and pets. AirTags can help to resolve cases of kidnapping and pet theft. It only cost 29 dollars.

AirTag is made of a 1.2 inch plastic pod that has a stainless steel back piece that house a coin cell battery. This coin cell battery is able to keep the AirTag running for over a year. It can be replaced but can't be recharged.

AirTags have technologies like speakers, Bluetooth, and Apple's U1 chip. After purchasing an AirTag and its protective case, you should connect it with your iPhone.

Unfortunately, only iPhone 6S and later versions support the use of AirTags. You can simply link it to your iPhone by holding it close by and tapping the connect button that pop-up on the screen.

Once the connections is completed, you can name your AirTag according to the item you will attach it to. Afterwards, you can keep track of your items by navigating to the Find My app and tap on the items tab.

Here, you can see all your connected AirTags. You can find items nearby, for example, keys that have been misplaced in the house, you can ping its AirTag by tapping play sound.

This will cause the AirTag to send out a noise that you can use to locate it. But if the item is not close by, for example, if you left your bag somewhere after a very busy day.

The AirTag will send its location to your phone through nearby iPhones. It sends out a Bluetooth signal that is captured by a stranger's iOS device that is within range.

Then it reports it to you, all without the stranger's knowledge. So you can locate your item on the map and finally track it down.


Things you should know about AirTag protective case

AirTag cases are made to enable you attach your AirTag to your items. AirTag alone are not built to do that. They usually come with keyring that you can attach to your keys.

Because AirTag is made from plastics, it can be prone to damage and scratch on its surface. AirTag protective cases  help to prevent damages to your AirTag and will keep it looking new for a very long time.

Think of this scenario. What if a thief grabs your bag or purse and discovers the airtag within it.

He/she can simply dispose the AirTag and end escaping with your property while you would be still tracking be tracking the AirTag that is already separated from your bag or purse.

An AirTag protective case can make your AirTag unnoticeable to everyone but yourself. A brown protective case will camouflage on an equally brown bag or purse it is attached to.


Purchase your AirTag protective case from us

Do you want to improve the durability of your AirTag? Do you want to keep it looking new for a very long time? Then you buy AirTag protective case from us today.

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