What Material is Best for the AirPod Case?

January 09, 2023

If you've ever worn AirPods, you know they're lightweight, easy to wear, and comfortable. But what about protection? You might think that the case for your new earbuds would be plain Jane—but no! There are many options for protecting your AirPods, so they don't get damaged or cracked in your bag or purse. When choosing a case for your AirPods, it's essential to consider how often you use them (what type of activities?) and where they'll go while not in use (e.g., in transit or at home).


The Silicone AirPods case is a good choice for people who want a soft, flexible case. The Silicone AirPods case is also an excellent choice if you're looking for something easy to clean that won't crack or damage your AirPod speakers when you drop them on the ground. That said, a silicone AirPods case isn't waterproof, so don't try putting it in your pocket or purse where it could quickly get wet—especially if you have any moisture-based product like lotion on hand!

Silicone AirPods cases are also pretty expensive compared to other materials; however, they're often worth their weight in gold regarding protecting fragile devices from bumps and scratches during everyday use.


Plastic AirPods cases are flexible, lightweight, and durable. They can withstand a lot of wear and tear while maintaining their shape. Plastic AirPods cases are also cheap, so they're one of the best options for your AirPod case since they're so easy to find!

However, these qualities come at a price: Plastic AirPods cases aren't waterproof or resistant to moisture or sweat (which means you won't be able to use them in the shower). If you plan on regularly using your plastic AirPods cases outside their case—for example, by swimming with them—then we recommend choosing an option made from leather instead of plastic.

Waterproof AirPods Cases

If you're going to be swimming or doing other water activities, then a waterproof AirPods case is the way to go. The waterproof AirPods cases are made of a material that is water resistant and will protect your AirPods from getting wet in the first place. If you drop your waterproof AirPods case on their own during an activity (like jumping into a pool), they will not break quickly. In addition, these cases provide any form of protection against moisture damage, so waterproof AirPods cases can be used in wet environments like bathrooms or showers where there may be condensation buildup inside them due to high humidity levels around those areas (or even just outside).


Leather is the way to go if you want a stylish, protective case. Leather cases offer several benefits over their plastic counterparts:

  • They're more durable.

  • They look great and feel luxurious.

  • They're also easy to clean.

Leather cases come in many colors and designs—some even come with matching lanyards so that your AirPods are always available when needed!

The downside? Leather can be expensive if you don't get it from an authorized retailer like Applecare or Amazon Prime (which has free shipping). You'll have to pay taxes on top of everything else, too—so keep this in mind before making any purchases!

The type of case you choose depends on how and where you use your AirPods.

The type of case you choose depends on how and where you use your AirPods.

  • Silicone cases are the best choice for everyday use: They're slim, lightweight, and slip-resistant. They also make it easier to get into your ears without taking off the case first.

  • Plastic cases like the ones from Spigen are more durable than silicone ones but can be harder to remove from their housings when they're dirty or greasy—so make sure not to put anything oily in there! Also, if you have thin hair (like mine), these may not stay put as well as others might during exercise sessions; however, if this isn't an issue, go ahead with confidence!

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We hope this article has helped answer your questions about AirPod cases. The best way to find the case that's right for you is by thinking about what type of AirPods case will best suit your needs and then trying out different versions until you find one that works. If there's still any confusion on what material would work best for your AirPods case, feel free to reach out to us so we can help!

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