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After the release of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, many people will definitely be a little disappointed with its large size. Now there is a 9.7-inch iPad Pro, which is quite tempting for many fruit fans. I think some students have already started to buy 9.7-inch The protective case for the iPad Pro, as we expected, Apple also launched a silicone protective case, so today we will take a look at the official version of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

When the editor got the product, the simple package and the transparent clamshell design let people have a clearer understanding of the color and basic outline of the product. The sealing of the package is well done, and it looks quite classy .

The silicone rubber case has always been loved by users for its excellent feel and good protective performance, and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro silicone case also continues this feature. This time the editor got the apricot orange color. In addition, the product has also launched a total of 12 colors such as yellow, mint, lilac, royal blue, and lavender purple. From the color point of view, whether it is calm or Lively, cool or warm colors cover almost all colors, which can meet the needs of most users.

This 9.7-inch iPad Pro silicone protective case does not use a full-coverage design, but has a small opening on the side. The purpose of this is to better disassemble the protective case, and at the same time ensure that it is compatible with the Smart Keyboard or Smart Cover The tacit cooperation, in the case of an opening, the wrapping quality of the protective case is not reduced because of this small opening, although this product is much larger than the iPhone protective case, but the toughness is still very good, and the smooth and soft silicone material on the back is also It brings a good feel and is not easy to slip off after use.

The soft microfiber lining is used in the protective shell to prevent scratches caused by friction with the device during disassembly and assembly, and also play a certain buffer role. It is said that whether it is a leather lining or a silicone lining, this process must be added. Yes, it can be seen that Apple has very strict requirements on quality from beginning to end.

After the iPad Pro entered the protective case, the editor tested the feel of the buttons according to the usual practice. It can be said that users don’t have to worry about this aspect. It takes a little more effort than without the shell to achieve clarity, but it is not tiring and inconvenient.

Seeing this, some students may ask, the same protective case is also 9.7 inches, so can this protective case match the iPadAir2? Although the iPad Pro only lists it in the official "compatibility" column, it can still be used with the IPadAir 2 after testing. The volume and power buttons are well positioned. Although the rear camera design of the two products is different, But the opening of this protective case can still fully meet the needs of the iPad Air 2.

No matter in terms of appearance, feel or function, this 9.7-inch iPad Pro silicone protective case does not disappoint. The package is compact and not loose, it feels smooth and does not leave fingerprints easily. , It’s easier to use than a fully-wrapped protective case, and it’s also very convenient to use with the Smart Keyboard. It can be said that Apple has considered very comprehensive functional support, and interested friends can consider buying one.


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