What should I pay attention to when choosing a power module injection mold?


What should I pay attention to when choosing a power module injection mold? When users choose injection molds for power modules, they need to consider the use environment of injection molds. In addition to the parameters of the case temperature, users should also pay attention to whether other parameters meet the requirements. As far as the operating temperature of the power module is concerned, there are differences at home and abroad.

Domestic manufacturers generally set it to use within a certain ambient temperature range, and foreign manufacturers generally set it to the shell temperature of the power module. On the other hand, if a certain manufacturer can complete a civilian, industrial, or military grade product, the operating temperature of that company's product will highlight the manufacturer's specific category. Although the quality of the power module cannot be measured by the case temperature, the module is like a heat source and can have a great impact on the circuit system and other components.

When the module case temperature reaches 125°C, the internal temperature is recommended to be controlled within 150°C, but it is difficult to reach this level now. The main reason is that the power module is miniaturized, the power density is getting higher and higher, and the heat dissipation problem is becoming more and more obvious. Injection molding process

Second, the hotter the power supply, the more heat it dissipates.

Therefore, more and more power module injection mold manufacturers choose metal casings to better promote heat dissipation and reduce temperature. The case temperature is closely related to the temperature of the internal components of the product, which determines the life and reliability of the module. High temperature will accelerate the aging of components, and controlling the temperature range can prolong the service life and reduce the occurrence of failures.

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Third, the power module adopts different heat dissipation methods in different applications and ambient temperatures. If used in an ambient temperature of 30 or 40 degrees, the case temperature will reach 70 or 80 degrees. This is considered normal operation.

Natural ventilation, fans and radiators can be used in non-enclosed spaces. Assuming that the high temperature of the power module case is 85°C, when working at an ambient temperature of 50°C, adding a small heat sink can reach about 85°C. When using a large heatsink, the temperature is 60°C.

When operating at ambient temperature, it is guaranteed to be around 85°C.


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