What material should the phone case choose to better protect the phone?


A long time ago, WJM has been thinking about what determines the trend of retro. Is it a fashion magazine? Or the celebrity effect? Until now, the editor finally understood.

When we choose retro, we are actually dissatisfied with the current trend.

At this time, we will miss those excellent designs in the past.

It's like Apple went with right-angled bezels on the iPhone 12. tpu ultra thin mobile phone case

However, the editor has to say.

While Apple uses aerospace-grade aluminum for the iPhone 12, that doesn't change the fact that it's not drop-resistant. And every little friend who just bought a new mobile phone, is to bring a mobile phone case.

So, today we will talk about how to choose a satisfactory mobile phone case.

First, let's find out what types of phone cases are available.

According to Baidu Encyclopedia, mobile phone cases can be divided into PC case, leather, silicone, cloth, hard plastic, leather case, metal tempered glass case, soft plastic, flannel, silk, etc. according to the protective material.

Because there are too many to remember, I choose several mainstream mobile phone cases here: PC case, silicone, hard plastic.

ipad2 case

At present, among the many mobile phone cases, I think the silicone case is the best in hand. Secondly, as a mobile phone case, it has a certain waterproof function, which can protect the mobile phone as much as possible. The color does not change (the real silicone case is not easy to turn yellow), and the good feel may be a great advantage of the silicone case.

But in contrast, the silicone case also has some shortcomings that cannot be solved.

The first problem: the silicone sleeve is thicker. If your phone is already large (more than 6.7 inches), putting on a silicone case will turn your phone into a downright "brick".

Secondly, the silicone case does not dissipate heat well. If you play games a lot, you may need to remove the case after each game for better cooling.

The last disadvantage is that the silicone cover is a little sticky, and the user will accumulate a lot of dust after using it for a period of time.

If you can accept the above shortcomings, then buying a silicone case is a good choice for you. But these do not appear on the WJM mobile phone case. The WJM mobile phone case is thin and flexible, easy to disassemble and assemble, and the soft bag does not hurt the machine!

However, you need to pay attention to the purchase of silicone shells. The more flowery the shell, the more easily it gets dirty.

If you want to choose a silicone case for long-term use, then WJM recommends choosing the official silicone case first. Because the official silicone case has accurate openings and feels super good, secondly, most of the silicone cases you buy outside are fake silicone...

This phone case is not much different from hard plastic, so let's talk about it directly.

The big advantage of PC cases is that they are cheap.

Compared to the silicone case, it is lighter and thinner. It does a good job of showing the pattern on the back of the phone. At the same time, its styles are also very rich.

Of course, I'm not saying it doesn't have drawbacks, it does.

Because most PC cases are hard shells, they are very wear-resistant. Perhaps as long as there is one corner, it may cause the phone case to crack.

If it is a TPU soft shell, although it is also transparent, it makes up for the shortcomings of the hard PC shell, but the TPU soft shell still has several fatal shortcomings.

One disadvantage is that the TPU soft shell is extremely smooth, it is not easy to wipe off the oil stains, and the grip is not as safe as the silicone shell;

The second disadvantage is that the TPU shell will turn yellow with long-term use, which seems to be a common problem with this type of shell. There is only one workaround, replace the case when it turns yellow.


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