WJM phone case: how to better protect your phone


With the rapid development of science and technology, people's living standards continue to improve, and mobile phones are getting faster and faster. Every time we change to a new phone, we are also shifting in the direction of higher configuration. The better phones we use, the more we worry.

damage. If the screen or other parts of a high-end mobile phone are damaged, the maintenance cost is not low, so we must do a good job of anti-drop protection when we get a new mobile phone. mobile phone case

Today, Huawei's Mate 40 series is very popular among workplace users.

To choose a mobile phone case with anti-drop protection, it is natural to match the appearance of the mobile phone. Although most mobile phone cases on the market will label themselves as drop-proof, but overall they are futile. As a leader in the mobile phone accessories industry, WJM Phone Case has created a drop-resistant and stylish protective case for the Huawei Mate 40 Pro phone.

Today I will share with you this high-end protection accessory, I believe it will be a good choice for you.

I believe that for many mobile phone enthusiasts, WJM is no stranger to this brand. The Huawei mobile phone case launched this time is also very classic.

It is available in Interstellar and Aurora colors. Both color styles have a transparent back design. The difference is the color of the frame.

Aurora models are highly sought after by young people. It's inspired by genius. After 116 meticulous work, the eye-catching aurora color has been refined, making the mobile phone a dazzling color that we carry around.

Ride the tide. This phone case is not only suitable for Mate40 Pro mobile phone, but also supports other models of Huawei Mate 40 series. samsung mobile phone case cover

Although the entire phone case adopts a multi-layer anti-drop design, the weight is only 40g.

Put it on the phone, it will not affect the use experience at all. First of all, it uses an alloy energy-absorbing frame, and the metal material is resistant to bending, which can prevent the phone from deforming when it is subjected to strong impacts. The alloy frame adopts a unique vacuum PVD plating process, which also looks more upscale.

The back panel of the phone case is the PC back panel frame, also known as Core Dispersion Impact Armor. With IML technology and self-healing function, 2H is scratch resistant, making the case more durable. The design of the safety lock belt is equivalent to the safety belt of the mobile phone, which can prevent the mobile phone from falling off the mobile phone case.

Not only that, the outer shell is made of soft silicone material for 360-degree all-round protection. Combined with the internal airbag structure design, it has excellent cushioning and anti-drop performance. Even if the phone is dropped from a height, it can quickly rebound, reducing the impact of the drop. Keep the body intact.

In addition to its outstanding performance in anti-fall, it also made some humanized designs. On the one hand, the protective treatment of the advanced lens can effectively prevent friction and wear caused by placing the mobile phone on the desktop, greatly extending the service life of the lens, and taking pictures more clearly. meticulous.

The thoughtful sound transmission hole design can convert the sound at the bottom of the phone into the sound on the front, so that the sound will not be blocked when the phone is held horizontally, and the sound is more three-dimensional.

Conclusion: Many popular mobile phones do not have cooperative mobile phone case brands, so users will be more blind when buying mobile phone cases. Often they need to buy more and compare, wasting time and effort.

As a representative of high-end mobile phone cases in China, it attracts fans with its professional anti-fall technology products for many years. If you've bought a Huawei Mate 40 Pro case that combines online quality and value, it's sure to give you a great experience.


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