Those iPhone 6 cases that are prettier than your phone


Apple's iPhone 6 is still one of the best smartphones in the world, but it's not perfect. The iPhones, despite their beautiful industrial designs, have always been less durable, and this year's all-aluminum body is sleeker and seems to bend more easily. Therefore, most consumers will choose to wear mobile phone covers for them to enhance protection.

So, a phone case that not only maintains the beauty of the iPhone 6, but also enhances the durability is the best choice. Here are a few products worth considering:

Mujjo Wallet Phone Case

This iPhone 6 mobile phone case produced by the Dutch company Mujjo uses a clip-back design and is not completely wrapped, so it is thinner than similar products. It features an integrated wallet design on the back, which can hold several credit cards or banknotes, so you no longer need a wallet when you go out. Color-wise, only black and brown are available.

Grovemade Walnut and Leather Cover

This flip-type mobile phone case is made of walnut wood and leather, and the texture is very good, suitable for business people. In addition to the iPhone 6, the manufacturer also offers an iPhone 6 Plus version. Of course, since it is time-consuming to handle walnut by hand, its price is relatively high.

iPhone6 ​​mobile phone case

This interesting mobile phone case is made of felt material, which can effectively solve the phenomenon that the iPhone 6 is too smooth, and the thickness of 2 mm is also ideal, so that the phone will not become too heavy. In addition, Fuz also offers a full-coverage style of plastic material, which seems to have better protection.

Adopted Leather Cover

Adopted's leather case series is very popular in the iPhone accessories market. The iPhone 4s/5s version has been selling well, and it has also launched a new model for the iPhone 6.

Its leather texture is as good as ever, while the chrome design around the edges effectively enhances the overall texture.

Gresso Metal Phone Case

If you are obsessed with metal texture, then Gresso's metal phone case is one of the best choices. It has black, silver, and gold three-color styles, exactly the same color as the iPhone 6, and uses a stronger alloy material and some anti-slip designs.

However, the price is more expensive.

Rhinoshield shatter-resistant bezel

Rhinoshield's drop-resistant bezel features a stylish multi-color style and exceptional impact resistance for complete protection for your iPhone 6. In addition, compared with other three-proof mobile phone cases, the frame-type design makes the thickness of the body not too exaggerated, and does not destroy the beauty of the iPhone 6 too much.

Apple official protective case

Apple's official iPhone 6 phone case is also a good choice, available in both silicone and leather, the latter being more expensive. The phone case is thin in design and comes in a variety of colors. Although the leather version is not the highest quality in the market, it feels good in the hand. The only thing to worry about is that the light-colored version will get dirty over time.

Cocones phone case

Cocones products use an all-inclusive pull-out design, so generally speaking, they can achieve better protection.

It's available in wool and leather, brown and black, and has a sleeker design. Of course, the downside of the pull-out design is that the iPhone 6 is used without any protection.

Hard Graft phone case

The Hard Graft mobile phone case from London, England has outstanding hand-stitched craftsmanship and texture. It is also a pull-out leather case, and a felt pocket is designed on the outer layer, which can store cash and credit cards. The function is more comprehensive.


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