It is also a silicone mobile phone case, why is there such a big price difference?


I believe everyone will remember that the Weijiamei brand silicone mobile phone protective case was born last year, and it has almost led a wave of silicone case trends in the market. But what followed was also competing imitations, among which there were many inferior products with malicious lower prices. Therefore, friends should carefully distinguish clearly when buying.

And the "kidney machine" apple, nicknamed by netizens, is of course the key protection object of the liquid silicone shell.

So, today I specifically aimed at Apple models, and chose the ones that are sold by ordinary merchants in the Taobao market, and the price is less than 35 yuan."Liquid silicone case", compared with Weijiamei brand's hot-selling liquid silicone shell of 59 yuan so far.

Let everyone see why there is such a price difference between ordinary merchants and popular brands for "same" liquid silicone shells.


Out of the box comparison

The packaging image is the performance of the grade of the product. We can see the difference between the packaging of small businesses and brands. After unpacking the courier box, there is almost no protective box except for the plastic bag. (Metaphysical packaging design?) Weijiamei’s packaging is more brand-like, with a neat logo and artistic sky blue, which is fresh and stylish.

(As a face value party, this package can cover the price difference of 10 yuan.)

On the back of the Weijiamei packaging box is very detailed product information and guaranteed qualified testing.

After unpacking the Weijiamei mobile phone case, you can see that the small box not only contains a liquid silicone mobile phone case wrapped in tape, but also comes with a tempered film and a thoughtful guide for attaching the case.


Appearance comparison

In terms of touch, Weijiamei's liquid silicone shell is more skin-friendly and smooth to the touch, while the touch of small businesses is biased towards the common solid silicone on the market.

Let me spread the word here for my friends. The production cost of a real liquid silicone mobile phone case is almost 30 yuan, so in the price below 35 yuan, the so-called "liquid silicone case" is basically made of solid silicone material.

The most direct test method is to simply distinguish by smell, because liquid silicone is a food-grade safe material. Compared with solid silicone commonly used in industrial products, it does not have any pungent plastic smell of chemicals.

Therefore, in daily use, liquid silicone is safer and more secure.

We will not compare the accuracy for the time being when the opening of the camera does not have an upper case, but it is worth noting that, under the design of the same flocking lining, the fit between the inner lining and the casing is far from the same. The ratio of the opening of the purple-gray Weijiamei case to the opening of the inner lining is very neat, but the inner lining of the small business is very messy.

Comparing the inner corners, one fits smoothly and is full of craftsmanship; while the other has random incisions and is full of cheapness (certified by the real hammer!).

On the outer buttons, the Weijiamei mobile phone case has a very delicate and three-dimensional cut for the pad protection of the buttons, but the small business has only a vague imprint, and the dividing line between the frame and the buttons is still very obvious. It can be seen that the two mobile phone cases are molded. The difference in the precision of the mold is very different.

From the comparison of simple appearance design and craftsmanship, Weijiamei can be said to be a complete abuse of small businesses, but we still need to use the real machine for the next step of testing.


Case comparison

After the upper case, it can be seen that the opening of the rear camera also does not block the lens sensor element, but in terms of the accuracy of the opening, the opening ratio between the purple-gray shell and the mobile phone is more beautiful, and the surrounding area of ​​the hole is still small. A very neat and clear cut is adopted, allowing people to distinguish the obvious heightened thickness at a glance.

What is more similar is the rounded curves of the corners of the two mobile phone cases, which are very comfortable to hold. However, the openings on the side still have the flaw of insufficient precision for small businesses.

Not only that, but you can find that the mobile phone case of the small merchant is not integrally formed at the button by gently pushing the case with your hand. Therefore, compared with the purple-gray Weijiamei mobile phone case, the toughness is relatively poor, and you can push it lightly. This will be easily deformed for functional positions with high frequency of use.

And from the comparison of the front screen, we can clearly see the difference in the thickness of the sides of the two mobile phone cases. The ordinary solid silicone case can only be achieved by thickening the case if it wants to create a soft feel, while the liquid silicone case used by Weijiamei , you don’t need to sacrifice thickness to get a comfortable feel experience. In addition, the slim case can also bring you a simple aesthetic feeling like a bare phone.


Material test

Different materials and densities of silica gel will have different protective properties.

The first thing to appear is our editor-in-chief's favorite blue fountain pen. It has built-in ink with low adhesion, and the strokes left on the two phone cases can be easily wiped off.

Then, we invite small writing experts: ballpoint pens that are more adhesive than fountain pens to paint on the shell surface, but this time the silicone shells of small businesses have not escaped the fate of leaving marks. On the other hand, Weijiamei’s liquid silicone mobile phone The shell still maintains a high-strength anti-fouling effect.

In addition to water-based anti-fouling, we also tested the potting soil. The silicone mobile phone case has almost no resistance to dry soil.

Even if you wipe it repeatedly with a dry cloth, it is difficult to restore it to a brand new one. We all know that liquid silicone has the characteristics of washing, so we will put the two mobile phone cases into the water and scrub.

It is worth noting that when the two mobile phone cases are taken out of the water, the water marks on the surface of the Weijiamei mobile phone case slide off quickly, showing a stronger water resistance effect, which fully proves that the silicone case used by Weijiamei is more liquid. The waterproof and anti-fouling effect of silicone.

As for the final comparison, it can also be seen that although the two mobile phone cases can completely remove the stains left by the potting soil, the small merchant's mobile phone case still has scratches left by the ballpoint pen.

Generally speaking, the low-priced silicone shell produced by Weijiamei certainly has a flexible and soft feel, but if you just want to enjoy it, the price/performance ratio is still there.

However, there is still a big gap with the genuine liquid silicone material in terms of feel, craftsmanship, and material protection performance. Therefore, Weijiamei’s liquid silicone shell is only 59 yuan, and it is not too much to evaluate it with a premium.


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