WJM ice cool series mobile phone case is very comfortable and better protects the phone


For many new mobile phone buyers, phone cases are a must-have. After all, new phones need protection. Of course, phone cases are always good and provide some protection.

Bought a new case for my iPhone 12 recently and it's not bad, so I recommend it to everyone. This phone case is from the WJM ice cool series of phone cases.

So let's start with a simple unpack.

The packaging of the WJM phone case is really good and cheap. The packaging is very nice. On the front is the physical rendering of the product, the product brand logo, etc., and the back is the product-related parameters and related information.

For the phone case, I think it must have a good protective effect. After all, the phone case is used to protect the phone, so the material must be excellent. It is also the raw material of WJM mobile phone case.

The material of liquid silicone has excellent Q elasticity, which not only feels better, but also feels comfortable and smooth. Xiaomi mobile phone case cover

Especially the rear camera of the mobile phone, this must be protected in place. The lens protection of the WJM mobile phone case adopts an all-in-one protective lens all-inclusive design, which is more secure in lens protection.

At the same time, when you put on the protective case, both the lens and the protective case have a height of 0.8mm protection.

The buttons on both sides, the power button, the volume plus and minus buttons, and the mute button are all on the real phone, so overall, the buttons are relatively regular, and the adaptation to the mobile phone is relatively high.

The volume hole and charging hole at the bottom are also standard overall.

They are fine holes that clean and dust off. Apple phone case

From the inside of the phone case, the workmanship is also very good, and it also has a built-in Apple-certified magnetic module, 38 official magnetic cores, and 1:1 precise alignment.

After putting the mobile phone into the mobile phone case, it is still relatively mild on the whole, and the package is also very strong.

The phone can be completely wrapped in place. The benefit of this is that it protects you if your phone is accidentally dropped. Of course, this has a lot to do with the phone case.

After all, the WJM mobile phone case also has a built-in PC hard frame, which can resist shocks. At the same time, the fluff layer can gently protect the phone, so the protection is still in place, which is very good.

Of course, there is one more thing to say, and that is that the WJM phone case not only protects the lens in place, but also the screen.

It can be seen that after the protective case is put on, it is higher than the screen, so the protection of the screen is better, which is also the highlight of this happy WJM mobile phone case.

The WJM mobile phone case is an official Apple certified mobile phone case, and there will be no pop-up windows and hot spots when charging. Also charges perfectly on the charging case.

Currently this joyful WJM phone case is available in 4 colors, each of which is very individual and bright. Very suitable for young people to start. Of course, choosing a phone case is to protect your phone.

For this one hundred yuan I highly recommend the new phone case. After all, it's worth spending a little money to keep thousands of phones in place.

I've been using this delightful WJM case all this time.

It's super comfortable and soft. It doesn't take into account fingerprints or oil stains. The most important thing is that this phone case is really beautiful, it can not only increase the beauty of the phone, but also make the phone play a good protective role.


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