Advantages and disadvantages of transparent silicone mobile phone case_Transparent soft silicone mobile phone case


?The transparent soft silicone mobile phone case is also produced with environmentally friendly silicone, which has the advantages of low cost and cheap price. But there are also many disadvantages, one of which is that it is particularly prone to yellowing, why is this? The following is a detailed introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of transparent silicone mobile phone cases.

It has been used for a long time in the transparent silicone sheath, and no color glue is added when analyzing the transparent color from the raw material. If no anti-yellow transparent product is added to the raw material, yellowing will basically appear after long-term use. If it is not properly used and maintained, Even if there is a yellowish area and color, it will be more obvious, so long-term use is very important for use! As experts know, silica gel does not conflict with any substance. After adding a vulcanizing agent, the compound reaction occurs after high-temperature molding. Exposure to the air for a long time will cause the product to have a physical reaction, and the yellowing will be caused by the difference in climate and environment. The phenomenon is different.

Manufacturers of silicone products generally have discoloration during production and processing. This phenomenon is generally due to the excessive temperature of the mold, the product will be deformed and brittle, and the corners have not completely undergone physical reactions, so usually there will be too long discoloration. In this case, the mold temperature and vulcanization time should be controlled, and the vulcanization time under the temperature should be shortened, and then check whether too many ingredients are added to the vulcanizing agent, resulting in excessive fluidity, discoloration and yellowing. Generally, manufacturers use anti-yellowing It has good fluidity and is used in some exterior parts and transparent products, so the yellowing phenomenon of the silicone protective cover may be caused by the manufacturer using a copper-breaking vulcanizing agent for vulcanization.

In addition, the transparent silicone mobile phone protective case does not feel good. After a long time of use, the mobile phone case is particularly prone to oil, which affects the user experience.


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