Talking about the necessity of wearing a mobile phone case


The question of "is it necessary to wear a mobile phone case?" This is a very controversial topic. The Bare Metal Party believes that the phone case is to protect the inside of the phone. The mobile phone without a mobile phone case feels better, and the mobile phone is more recognizable.

The Shell Party believes that wearing a phone case can protect your phone, protect your phone if it falls to the ground, and make an unsightly phone more beautiful.

Below I will discuss in detail whether a mobile phone needs to wear a protective case. If you have any questions, you can leave me a message directly in the comment area, and I will reply to you when I see it.

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shell party

The original purpose of many people wearing mobile phone cases is mostly to protect the mobile phone, other purposes are to enhance the appearance of the mobile phone and make the mobile phone more beautiful, such as some mobile phones, the appearance of the mobile phone is not very good-looking, when you bring a very creative mobile phone The appearance of the mobile phone will be upgraded to a new level, making up for the ugly defects of the mobile phone itself, which is also a very useful mobile phone case. Xiaomi mobile phone case

The reason some people bring phone cases to their phones is the fear of scratching/breaking the back of the phone.

If the back of the phone gets scratched, the phone won't look as pretty. Some people don't look very comfortable. Some users bought it.

Mobile phones are the flagship phones of major mobile phone manufacturers. The repair price of the back case of the phone is quite expensive. Unable to accept the high repair price, many people still put on the phone case obediently.

I think if you care about the repair price of the phone, but not the feel, or the unique design style of the back cover of the phone, such as glass version, ceramic version, plain leather version, gradient color version, etc., then the phone with the phone case is also very good. The choice of the phone can protect the phone well, avoid damage to the back cover of the phone, and let the phone not be used for a long time, which is similar to a new phone. If you sell it, you can also get it for a good price. blue phone case

bare metal party

Although many people buy a mobile phone, the idea is to wear a mobile phone case, but some people choose to experience the bare metal of the mobile phone in order to better experience the mobile phone, so that many designs and textures of the mobile phone are perfectly reflected.

, so that the appearance of the mobile phone itself is not affected, and it can also highlight the personality of the mobile phone itself. It is no longer like most mobile phones, which are carved out of molds.

In fact, mobile phone manufacturers still hope that users do not wear mobile phone cases. Why do you say this, because if the mobile phone does not have a mobile phone case, on the one hand, it can increase the damage rate of the mobile phone, let the mobile phone continue to be replaced, and increase the sales of new mobile phones.

On the one hand, major mobile phone manufacturers have made great efforts in the innovation of mobile phone back shells to make their mobile phones (especially flagship mobile phones) more distinctive and recognizable.


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