Is it better to choose a full-package phone case or a half-package phone case for a curved screen phone case?


Is it better to choose a full-package phone case or a half-package phone case for a curved screen phone case?

The full-package phone case has covers on the front and back, leaving only the unlock key and screen, and the half-package only has the back cover and frame. The all-inclusive phone case has an extra layer of protective cover, so its thickness will increase accordingly, and the hand feel will naturally be worse. The quick action screen is not so convenient.

All-inclusive mobile phone case, because the mobile phone is tightly wrapped, 360-degree all-round protection, not easy to scratch. However, the half-pack phone case is more likely to break the phone screen than the full-pack phone case, and it is also easy to be scratched by good things. ultra thin iphone case

The heat dissipation of the all-inclusive mobile phone case is relatively poor, and the mobile phone will be seriously heated when used for a long time, especially when playing games, the battery will be damaged if the heat is not dissipated.

The open space of the half-pack phone case is relatively large, so the heat dissipation is much better than that of the full-pack phone case.

To sum up, if you want to have good heat dissipation and feel good, choose a half-pack. If you're afraid of losing yourself, you need a sturdy case.

Choose an all-inclusive phone case. phone case

In fact, many people now trade in several phone cases. You can buy full and half-pack phone cases.

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