Samsung GALAXY mobile phone case recommendation


It has been a while since the Samsung S4i9500 mobile phone was released. I got the Samsung S4i9500 mobile phone case very early, and later got the i9500 model machine. Found that the Samsung i9500 mobile phone has many differences from the previous i9300 and i9100. These are mainly reflected from the main performance parameters of Samsung GALAXY series mobile phones. I will explain these differences from three aspects.

First, the Samsung i9100 has a 4.3-inch touch screen, 800*480 image resolution, and an 8-megapixel camera; the i9300 has a 4.8-inch touch screen, 1280*720 image resolution, and an 8-megapixel camera; while the Samsung i9500 has a 5.0-inch Touch screen, 1920*1080 image resolution, 13 million pixel camera. From this series of changes, it can be seen that the Samsung GALAXY series keeps up with the current mobile phone market conditions, the era of large-screen multi-function, high-definition resolution, and high-definition shooting. As Samsung's mobile phones are constantly optimized and improved, Samsung's customers and fans are more looking forward to and obsessed with the next new product.

Whenever there is a new mobile phone model in the mobile phone industry, there will be various exquisite mobile phone cases corresponding to it. If mobile phone users like mobile phone cases of different styles because of new mobile phones, then beautiful mobile phone cases make users love their mobile phones even more. Changing different mobile phone cases is like a woman constantly changing her bag. Samsung i9500 mobile phone can choose a lot of types of mobile phone cases, because it will be a smart phone with the same reputation as iphone.

To put it simply, the recommended types of Samsung i9500 mobile phone cases are: PC case, silicone case, tpu crystal or matte; this is classified from the material, and the corresponding various mobile phone case processes (link example), can be customized according to the user hobbies, choose by yourself. Here are a few reference pictures,

I believe that every mobile phone case user will pay attention to one question: what should I do if the mobile phone case is dirty? Here, I will tell you the following countermeasures. Generally speaking, silicone mobile phone cases are the easiest to get dirty, but they are also the easiest to clean; the premise is that when purchasing, you must choose a silicone mobile phone case with good material, no peculiar smell, good hand feeling, high purity of silica gel, and good oil spraying effect.

Because some silicone mobile phone cases are made of inferior silicone materials or mixed with rubber materials, the cases made are easy to get dirty and cannot be washed off. In addition, the oil injection of the silicone sleeve is also very important. The oil injection effect is good, it can effectively isolate dust and dirt, and the hand feel is also very good, just pay attention, wash it as soon as possible when it is dirty, we all know that the molecular movement is endless, no matter what Protection, dust can also automatically drill into the case, which is why the TPU frosted case is easier to get dirty than the non-frosted case. The easy cleaning of PC and TPU also depends on the material to a certain extent, but these two kinds of covers are easy to scratch.

In addition, let me tell you that if the cover is of good quality, you can wash it with clean water first if it is dirty. For example, high-quality silicone covers can be washed directly, and PC cases are also easier to wash; the silicone covers produced by Shenzhen Weijiamei Silicone Products Factory are all OK. Wash off with water directly. If it is not easy to clean with water, you can use a mild detergent such as body wash or dish soap to wash. If it is still not clean, you can buy a new one. There are many, many on Taobao, and it only costs 10 or 20 yuan. You can buy more mobile phone cases made of several materials, and change different mobile phone cases according to your mood.


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