What are the functions of new silicone products on mobile phones!


With the rapid development of communication equipment in recent years, smart phones have become an indispensable part of modern life. Whether it is making a phone call, taking pictures or playing games, the touch screen is a vital human-machine interface, which has the dual functions of display and operation, and the quality of the screen has naturally become one of the key factors when people choose and buy.

Since many smartphones are expensive, it is even more important to protect their high-quality screens from scratches and impacts during use.

When the mobile phone leaves the factory, the manufacturer generally pastes a layer of film on the surface of the screen to prevent possible scratches and bumps during the transportation or sale of the mobile phone from damaging the screen. After getting a new mobile phone, most consumers will tear off this simple protective film and then stick a self-adhesive protective film (e.g. tempered film) to prevent the huge impact or hot cigarette butts when the mobile phone is dropped. Fatal damage to the screen in case of accidental contact. Silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives are widely used in this thin and tough protective film.

The touch screen of smartphones and tablets is a very important human-machine interface. It has the dual functions of display screen and operation panel. WACKER silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives are stable and reliable. The pasted tempered film is usually coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA). A suitable pressure-sensitive adhesive can help the protective film stick to the surface of the screen by itself with just a light press when pasting, and make it complete in the later stage. Peel off from the screen surface without damaging the screen.

The protective film is usually a multi-layer "sandwich" structure, and the specific characteristics of the adhesive of each layer depend on its structure and chemical composition. Among them, the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer plays a key role

Pressure-sensitive adhesives are mainly divided into acrylic, PU adhesives, and silicones. The thickness is usually 15 to 25 mm. It is used to bond the middle polyester film and the surface tempered film, and at the same time tightly fit the entire protective film on the smartphone. screen surface.

Different types of pressure-sensitive adhesives have very different chemical and physical properties. In order to achieve perfect fit in the early stage and complete peeling in the later stage, silicone-type pressure-sensitive adhesives have many advantages.

Silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive has a good exhaust effect, which can help the tempered film to be firmly adsorbed on the surface of the screen

WACKER's new DEHESIVE PSA 765 is ideal for protecting smart devices.

Excellent exhaust performance, good curing effect, good operability, good water vapor resistance, weather resistance and aging resistance, excellent leveling performance, good bonding effect on objects with low surface energy

WACKER silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives are precisely matched to viscosity and curing properties, thus ensuring fast processing.

At the same time, the excellent venting and leveling properties make the protective film stick to the surface of the screen without unpleasant bubbles. In addition, the good weather resistance prevents the protective film from yellowing even if it is used under high or low temperature conditions for a long time.

Professional and customized service WACKER Technology Center can test the chemical and physical properties of silicone product coatings.

Silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive is a multi-component system composed of high and low adhesion main agents, various additives and platinum catalysts. DEHESIVE? PSA 765 performs very well on various PET film surfaces, and the relevant formula can also be customized according to the specific requirements of protective film manufacturers.

Broad application prospects

WACKER also cleverly functionalizes silicones in order to take full advantage of their unique advantages.

For example, the introduction of special chemical groups to give silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives different adhesion. The key lies in their chemical structure. Highly branched silicone chains can improve the adhesion of silicone PSAs by increasing the degree of crosslinking of the entire system.

This opens up wider application prospects for DEHESIVE? PSA 765 protective film coating: In the production process of display screens, the protective films used to protect different components from damage require different adhesion forces, and our goal is to develop A product line offering self-adhesive protective film solutions for different applications.


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