how to shrink tpu phone case


How to Shrink a TPU Phone Case: A Complete Guide


TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) phone cases have become increasingly popular due to their flexibility, durability, and protection. However, if you're looking to customize or modify your TPU phone case, you may want to shrink it for a better fit or aesthetic appeal. Shrink-wrapping a TPU phone case can be a simple and inexpensive DIY project that allows you to achieve the desired look. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of shrinking a TPU phone case, ensuring impressive results.

I. Understanding TPU and Its Properties:

Before we dive into the shrinking process, it's essential to comprehend TPU and its properties. TPU is a highly elastic and transparent material that provides excellent resistance against shocks, scratches, and everyday wear and tear. It is widely used in phone case manufacturing as it offers the perfect balance between flexibility and robustness.

II. Preparing the Necessary Supplies:

To begin the shrinking process, gather the following supplies:

1. TPU phone case

2. Bowl of hot water

3. Heat source (like a hairdryer)

4. Protective gloves

5. Tweezers (optional)

6. Clean cloth or paper towel

Ensure that you have all the items at hand before proceeding with the shrinking process.

III. Removing the Phone Case from Your Device:

To ensure that your phone case remains undamaged during the shrinking process, it is crucial to remove it from your device. Gently detach the case from your phone, taking care not to damage any buttons, ports, or sensors in the process.

IV. Evaluating the Desired Fit:

Before initiating the shrinking process, assess the areas where you wish to shrink the TPU phone case. You might want to achieve an overall snug fit or modify specific sections such as the camera cutout or button covers. Make a mental note or mark the areas that require modification.

V. Preparing the Hot Water Bath:

Fill a bowl with hot water, ensuring that it is not scalding but hot enough to soften the TPU material. The temperature should be bearable for your hands when you immerse the phone case. You can use tap water or heat water on a stove, depending on your preference and safety precautions.

VI. Immersing the Phone Case:

Put on protective gloves to shield your hands from the heat and potential chemicals on the phone case. Submerge the entire TPU phone case into the hot water bath. Keep it immersed for approximately 1-2 minutes to heat and soften the material uniformly.

VII. Shaping the Shrunken Areas:

After the phone case has soaked sufficiently, remove it from the hot water bath using the protective gloves. Carefully reshape the desired areas to achieve the desired shrinkage. For precise modifications, you can use tweezers to pinch and shape specific sections. Remember to work quickly before the TPU material cools down, as it may become less malleable.

VIII. Employing Heat for Enhanced Shrinkage:

While reshaping the TPU phone case is effective, employing a gentle heat source can enhance the shrinking process. Use a hairdryer or heat gun at a low to medium setting, keeping a safe distance from the TPU material. Move the heat source continuously across the phone case to distribute the heat evenly. The gentle heat will expedite the shrinking process and help the TPU mold to the desired shape.

IX. Testing the Fit:

Once you have reshaped and applied heat, check the fit of the phone case on your device. Ensure that it aligns correctly with buttons, ports, and sensors, without any excess material or loose edges. The phone case should fit snugly and offer optimal protection without compromising the functionality of your phone.

X. Drying and Cleaning the Phone Case:

After achieving the desired fit, allow the phone case to air dry naturally. Do not use any external heat or place it in direct sunlight, as this may cause damage to the TPU material. Once completely dry, inspect the phone case for any moisture or residues. Wipe it gently with a clean cloth or a paper towel to ensure cleanliness.


Shrinking a TPU phone case can be an exciting DIY project that allows you to customize and modify your phone case for a better fit or improved aesthetics. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can achieve impressive results and ensure that your phone case fits snugly and enhances the overall appeal of your device. Remember to exercise caution while dealing with hot water and heat sources, and always test the modifications before reattaching the phone case to your device.


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