How to maintain the injection mold?


Injection molds are consumables, and different types of injection molds have different life cycles. Basically, when the service life reaches its limit, it is time to replace the mold. Otherwise, the wear and aging of the injection mold will affect the quality of the product.

Therefore, it is very necessary to protect the injection mold in a reasonable and standardized way. Although the cost of protection is high, it can make the quality of the injection molded product produced more reliable. So how much influence does injection mold have on product quality? The following is a brief introduction to the injection mold processing:

The clamping force is unreasonable.

If the setting value of the clamping force is too large, the load of the mold will be exceeded, which will cause the mold to expand and cause the injection molding product to flash; the speed of opening and closing the mold is unreasonable, and the impact force when the mold is closed will be too large, which will damage the injection molded parts. mold. Incorrect thimble parameters will cause uneven force on the thimble or instant impact cracking, resulting in product deformation loss; correct low-pressure protection settings to avoid mold loss under pressure; mold cleaning operations must be performed to avoid damage to the surface and seams; good lubrication , rust and basic maintenance work, let the mold handle normal operating conditions.

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From the above six points, it can be seen that regular protection of injection molds is an important measure to ensure product quality. At the same time, it can greatly extend the service life of the injection mold, that is, the extension of the payback period. Just imagine if your injection mold is scrapped before its normal useful life, then you have to open the injection mold from scratch, which is not cost-effective.

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