How to choose a silicone mobile phone case, details and craftsmanship are more important?


There are a lot of mobile phone cases on the market, but most users like liquid silicone mobile phone cases. Liquid silicone mobile phone cases are warm and elastic, very delicate and softer. They are also more non-slip than glass ones when your hands sweat in summer. . Non-toxic and odorless, safe and environmentally friendly, resistant to high and low temperatures -40°C~230°C, good heat insulation, anti-scalding, can be washed and used repeatedly, and has become a placemat for thousands of households, so many businesses will find factories to customize their own logo silicone Mobile phone cases, in order to achieve advertising promotion, brand promotion, event commemoration, etc., so which one is better for custom-made silicone mobile phone cases?

Which one is better for custom-made silicone mobile phone cases? It can be judged from the following points

1. On-the-spot inspection of the factory, because the silicone mobile phone case has high requirements on the workshop environment, and because the silica gel has strong adsorption, the product quality cannot be guaranteed in a dirty and messy workshop.

2. Check the mold drawing carefully to confirm whether the mold size is accurate.

3. If the surface of the silicone mobile phone case needs to print patterns, it is necessary to determine whether the factory has enough printing experience, because the traditional silk screen printing method is prone to misalignment when printing patterns with many colors.

4. Quality and quality. In the process of customizing silicone products, the quality of products produced by silicone manufacturers affects the experience of our consumers and also affects the sales of our businesses. Therefore, when choosing a manufacturer of silicone products, the quality of the products produced by the manufacturer, Defective rate is our key consideration. When receiving the sample, whether there is any dislocation or deformation.

If you have these problems, you should respond to the factory in time.

5. SGS certification, to see if it can pass FDA, LFGB food grade safety standard certification.

6. Production technology depends on the design and development capabilities.

The situation of equipment and personnel affects the response speed of manufacturers to customer needs and delivery time. The quality standard depends first on whether the machinery and equipment are complete and whether they can provide satisfactory products. Whether the equipment is complete or not will affect the production efficiency of the product.

Which custom-made silicone placemat is reliable and has the fastest delivery time? Shenzhen Weijiamei Silicon Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd provides OEM/ODM customization of silicone mobile phone cases, has a dedicated production technical team, has design and development capabilities, price concessions, and quality assurance.


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