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?At the same time, why some silicone tablet protective cases are cheap while others are expensive. This is the difference between high-grade flat silicone protective cases and ordinary protective cases. The difference lies in the differences in design, workmanship, craftsmanship and materials. It is precisely because of these factors that the price of high-quality flat silicone protective cases can be more than 300 yuan Priced to sell.

For users who pursue individuality and fashion, I believe that iPad tablet protective case will be your good choice.

With its irregularly extended flowing texture and creative rhombic appearance, it deduces a distinctive trend of personality. Make your protective case also show unique charm. Whether you are attending a boudoir party or shopping, taking it with you when you go out will definitely make you the center of attention.

Good typesetting naturally also requires good material backing. The high-quality TPU silicone sheath is selected to ensure easy disassembly and assembly, and also provide long-term use that is not easy to damage the edge. With a high-quality PC panel, it not only has excellent compression and wear resistance, but also can quickly disperse the force when it falls, so as to protect the integrity of the device.

It is said that you can't have both fish and bear's paw.

It is not only necessary to show the stylish appearance of the iPad tablet computer, but also to provide users with good anti-drop protection. Is there really no way to achieve both? In fact, try this iPad case designed by i-Blason brand! It is designed and built with the concept of high-definition and high-transparency, which can fully bloom the aesthetic feeling of bare metal lines and tone, showing personality and fashion. At the same time, the protective suit is extraordinarily thin, and you won’t feel too tired even if you go out with it, thus bringing you a more worry-free protection experience. In addition, the four corners of the protective cover are also equipped with thickened cushioning airbags to further enhance the overall shock filtering effect, and can easily disintegrate most of the impact when falling, even if it is accidentally dropped.

The hard and atmospheric armor shape looks very fashionable and textured. The surface of the protective case, the overall shape is beautiful and smooth, with a calm and stable black appearance, showing the unique temperament and charm of sportsmen. In addition to the tough and stylish appearance, the sheath itself has very good drop resistance.

The selected elastic TPU is made of wear-resistant and drop-resistant PC material, and the four corners are thickened with airbags for protection. It can rebound quickly when it is dropped, thereby reducing the force on the internal components of the device and preventing the device from being damaged by the fall. In addition, the heightened protection design on the lens of the protective case can avoid the scratches and abrasions that occur when the tablet is placed on the table, greatly prolonging the life of the lens and making the photos clearer and more detailed. The meticulous design highlights the brand's ingenuity.

Whether it is a fairy or a man, cute little animals like this element. Moreover, at the beginning of the design of this iPad computer case, we have fully understood the taste preferences of users, and specially created the image of a cute and cute little dinosaur, with small eyes and big white teeth, which makes people want to squeeze it after seeing it. The moment you hold it in your hand, you will fall in love with it.

The sheath made of selected high-quality liquid silicone material can bring a delicate and soft grip like a baby's skin, and also has a strong memory repair ability, even if it encounters small scratches, it can be automatically repaired. Longer life. Moreover, the full set of protective design at the four corners can easily resist the scratches of daily drops, giving you a more comfortable experience.

Weijiamei has been committed to the original design of the iPad series of tablet computers. They like to incorporate various literary and artistic patterns into their designs, so they have this artistic iPad tablet case.

It uses the protective cover as the petals, and displays the image of the flamingo on the guard plate through embroidery art. Combined with the pink background, it gives people a small, lively and sweet visual effect. Holding it with your hands shows the intellectual and elegant taste of women. At the same time, the protective suit is made of high-quality leather texture material, and the overall slender thickness design is just right. If it is too much, it will not be refined enough, and if it is less, it will not be able to protect both. Overall experience.

For users who are just starting to use iPad tablet computers, it is often necessary to prepare another protective case. Not only is it a large screen design, but it is also extremely vulnerable to the risk of scratches and wear during daily use. Never wait until your beloved tablet is scratched before deciding to add a case to it, it will appear too late.

It is true that in addition to the protective function of many sheaths, their own appearance design can also show the unique temperament and taste of the owner on the decorations. It is true that all kinds of thoughtful functional designs, such as brackets, smart magnets, etc., are very practical in every detail. So among the several iPad silicone tablet cases recommended above, is there any style you like? Better to start trying.


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