Everyone is using mobile phone protective cases. Are mobile phone cases really safe?


Everyone is using mobile phone protective cases. Are mobile phone cases really safe?

Shock! No way, it's 2021

Some people think that "mobile phone cases contain super carcinogens"?

I find the news that "phone cases contain super carcinogens" a bit outrageous.

In fact, mobile phone users should pay more attention to the fact that long-term use of mobile phone cases will carry a lot of bacteria

(get to the reason to change the phone case often) Apple phone case

In addition to frequent changes, there is no

Cheap phone cases made using 'underground factories'

Inexpensive materials, simple process, various additives of unknown origin

As a result, the residues of harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde in the mobile phone case seriously exceeded the standard.

The most obvious features of this phone case are: cheap, pungent smell

The online claim that "mobile phone cases cause cancer" is not true

Relevant departments revealed that there are two kinds of mobile phone cases: hard case and soft case.

The main material of the soft shell is silicone, which is non-toxic.

vivo mobile phone case cover

Hard cases are the most common phone case

The main materials are PC materials such as polyurethane, polystyrene, carbonate, etc.

Widely used in household appliances, electronic products, etc.

"The main material of the phone case is non-toxic and colorless

In order to achieve the control of appearance color

Anthracene (ēn)quinone (kūn) dyes are added to the host material during production

In order to make products meet different performance requirements

Plasticizers such as plasticizers, anti-sticking agents, reinforcing agents, dispersants, etc. will also be added.

These additives are slightly toxic

However, relative to the main material, it is only a few percent.

Part of it will naturally volatilize after processing

The residual toxicity is extremely small, almost non-existent~


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