High-end mobile phone back cover customization is the crystallization of human wisdom and modern industrial technology


Throughout the history of the mobile phone industry, there have been various mobile phones, and some representative works of customization of the back cover of mobile phones can be said to be still warm. But it is a pity that the smartphone industry has washed away its advantages, and the old mobile phones seem to be weak. There is a growing realization that the mobile phone, which was used as a communication tool in the early days, is now more than a tool.

Because of the closeness of the mobile phone, it has become a social symbol, giving people a sense of mutual identification. People still have a natural basis for communicating with each other, even if they don’t make a sound – it’s human nature to keep in touch with them, and that’s where the sexiness of mobile phones is. However, how to better interpret this word is still a topic left by the mobile phone industry to manufacturers.

If we apply it to the mobile phone category, you will find that the basic performance, signal, and battery life of a mobile phone are all at the bottom of the pyramid. Functional components such as processors, batteries, and materials are important and necessary foundations for mobile phones, and they are the guarantee to support the normal operation of mobile phones. Like the engine of a car, the gears of a watch.

It is because it has a solid foundation and a personalized mobile phone back cover customization, which is endowed with more meanings of the upper pyramid.

As a mass-produced industrial product, mobile phones generally do not have technical attributes, but today's smart phones are more or less dedicated to details to improve the quality of mobile phones. If the pyramid is moved here again for comparison, then the basic technology of mobile phones has reached the bottom of the pyramid. How to customize the value of mobile phones from the back cover of mobile phones? According to the standards of arts and crafts, the material is a very important point.

Many luxury watches and jewelry use a material called "nanocrystalline ceramic", which has excellent mechanical and chemical properties, namely high strength, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

The back cover of the mobile phone is custom made of nano-microcrystalline ceramics, which feels as warm as jade and emits a unique luster. The raised design of the runway part of its back cover is rarely seen in smartphones, but it is common in sculptural art.

Artists use deep lines on objects to embody certain ideas while making the image of the craft more three-dimensional. The output of nano-microcrystalline ceramics is not high, and the production of handicrafts is more than enough. Considering the small area of ​​the back cover of the mobile phone, the customization of the back cover of the mobile phone needs to overcome the problems of production and fineness, in order to create a work of art combining science and technology within the square inch.

Why do arts and crafts need to go through such "hardships"? Technology is valuable, art is priceless. The former serves mankind, while the latter guides mankind to achieve higher values. Craftsmanship-customization of the back cover of mobile phones is often the crystallization of human wisdom and modern industrial technology, and is a kind of thinking in the modern era.


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