The iPhone 13 is coming soon, will the protective case be far behind?


The iPhone 13 is here as promised, with no disappointments or surprises from styling to performance. If you are in the 11th or 12th generation, don't spend any more, wait another year to see the iPhone 14. And if you are an Xs or Xr user, you still have to upgrade. After all, Apple has officially released IOS 15 to fix the bug (dog head) that the old model was too smooth.

When buying a new phone, you naturally need a phone case, not only for aesthetics, but also for protection. Even though a super ceramic board is harder than a glass board, it will still fail if you hit a concrete floor hard. Rich people can consider the official Apple shell, a few hundred dollars is really not a problem for them.

Most people still choose a variety of third-party phone cases, which are cheap and plentiful. Although the new phone will not be listed for the time being, various mobile phone cases for the iPhone 13 are already available on Here are a few good ones.

We buy a phone case first, and then wait for the iPhone 13 to be in the case. samsung tablet s6 protective case

WJM mobile phone case, quality and performance are still very guaranteed. Its digital accessories products have been recognized by consumers.

This phone case is made of liquid silicone material, which has a delicate feel, and the built-in velvet design can also protect the phone more effectively. The lens part adopts a fine hole design to more effectively protect the iPhone 13 lens. The lens part is higher than 0.4mm, and the screen part is higher than 0.8mm, which can effectively protect the lens and screen in daily use.

The advantage of the transparent shell is that the appearance is relatively high. If you buy the iPhone 13 in the new color, the transparent case will undoubtedly have a better display effect. I have come into contact with the Easy Color mobile phone case before, and the workmanship and protection are good.

The back panel of this transparent protective case is only 0.8mm, the light transmittance is very high, and it will not turn yellow after long-term use, which greatly restores the original appearance of the mobile phone. The corner airbag and lens all-inclusive design can also effectively protect the phone. samsung s10 tablet protective case

Whether the magnetic suction function of the Apple mobile phone is practical or not is a question for the benevolent to see the benevolent and the wise.

The author believes that it is a top priority to equip the Apple mobile phone with a small magnetic power bank. The magnetic transparent case from Bangks is very similar to the official Apple, but at a more realistic price. This mobile phone case is made of polymer anti-oxidation material, which will not turn yellow after long-term use.

WJM's phone cases have always done a great job. This time they also launched iPhone 13 related products for the first time. The frame of the case is available in black and blue, and the back panel is designed with high transparency.

The edge of the lens and screen is slightly higher than the mobile phone, and airbags are also designed at the four corners to protect the mobile phone in place. The lens part of this phone case uses a large hole design. Although it is not as good as the protection of the pore design products, it can also better show the true color of the mobile phone.

The shape of this protective case is not much different from the Black Swan series mobile phone case products above. A very important difference is the matte material on the back, which can effectively prevent fingerprints. The independent metal buttons are equipped with protective gaskets, which not only feel excellent in the hand, but also have a good protective effect on the mobile phone.

The heightened design of the lens ring can protect the lens well and will not block the shooting of the wide-angle lens.

The iPhone 13 uses a brand-new processor, which has greatly improved performance, but it also brings heat dissipation problems. This Locke phone case uses a thermally conductive silicone layer, a graphene layer, a Teflon thermally conductive layer and a honeycomb heat dissipation hole to allow the phone to dissipate heat faster.

Although multi-layer technology is used, the thickness of the phone case is well controlled. The surface layer of the mobile phone case adopts a special layer, which can bring a more delicate feel.


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